It seems as though the Super Bowl has become the pinnacle of creative, effective, imaginative communication and branding – particularly as we anxiously await the opportunity to view those amazing commercials. So what makes these commercials such incredible forms of communication? There are five key principles that will make any communication effective – in these commercials OR in any other branding or communication strategies:

1. Tell The Story. Everyone loves a story. Tell it effectively by speaking directly to your audiences’ wants, needs, desires.
2. Articulate The Benefits. “What’s in it for me?” If your communication doesn’t articulate your value proposition quickly, in easy-to-understand fashion, it’s not going to be successful.
3. Make It Relevant. Make a connection with your target audience – connect with them through logical rationale for using your product or service, or connect with them on an emotional level.
4. Surprise Your Audience: Whether it’s humor or shock value, you’ve got to get the attention of your audience. Give them something unexpected. Stand out from your competition. Dazzle your targets.
5. Make It Actionable. Clearly state what you want the intended audience to do.

Now that you know what to expect in good communication, the question is: Who will win?