By Brynn Everett, Public Relations Project Assistant, MindShare Strategies

We learned in basic Chemistry class that a precise formula generates the right chemical reaction. So it goes in marketing as well. Combining effective media relations and strategic advertising will ultimately create the ideal solution in optimizing your business success.
MindShare Strategies consistently generates solid results for its clients using this fusion of tactics. When possible, the firm leverages purchased ad space to ensure comprehensive incorporation of key messages, executive quotes, and customer case studies within articles.

Of course, MindShare is keenly aware of the importance in providing relevant information. They work closely with the article writers to ensure they’re comfortable with the integrity of the content. MindShare is not only skilled at crafting the message, but also in using a 3-step approach to effectively tell your story:

• Research Media Channels. Review editorial calendars of trade and business media to identify editions or channels that strategically tie into your business.
• Pitch Your Story. Explain to editors how your company’s product or service can add value to their articles. MindShare’s relationships with the media are critical in making it happen.
• Buy Advertising. Place relevant advertising within the editorial so your brand is directly tied to the article.