New facility in England will speed keg returns for brewers

Houston, July 10, 2014 (MindShare Strategies Media Services) – Satellite Logistics Group (SLG), a leading supply-chain solution provider for the beverage industry, announced today that the company opened a new deconsolidation warehouse in Felixstowe, England, on July 1, 2014.

The new facility is SLG’s third-largest distribution center (DC) in Europe. Together with SLG’s existing DCs in Antwerp, Belgium, and Munich, Germany, the new location enhances brewers’ access to the company’s Kegspediter® keg management service across Europe. It is a strategic location, particularly for UK brands in the Kegspediter system.

SLG’s Kegspediter® reverse logistics service helps brewers to manage keg returns more effectively, so they can get kegs back in the production pipeline faster. SLG leverages its proprietary software and supply chain network to transport kegs to strategically located consolidation centers. By collecting kegs more frequently, SLG helps brewers to optimize asset usage, reduce keg loss and meet market demands.

“After conducting a network analysis of our customers in Europe, we determined that opening a DC in the United Kingdom would help us to increase the cycle time and frequency of keg shipments for brewers. It will also increase efficiency by eliminating transfers in the U.S.,” said Andreas Bornefeld, SLG vice president, international supply chain services. “We’re excited to invest in this resource which will help brewers to optimize their asset usage and strengthen their supply chains.”

The new facility, owned by Kingstown Shipping Ltd., is located at Dooley Road and Walter Avenue in, Felixstowe, England.

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Michele Wade, Account Executive, MindShare Strategies, Inc.

Barb Wirth, Communications Manager, Satellite Logistics Group

Images of the SLG facility in Felixstowe are available online:

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