By Brian Everett, Senior Partner of MindShare Strategies, which manages the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association. Everett serves as CEO of the association. 

Here at MindShare Strategies near Minneapolis it’s uncommon to host visits by TMSA members in the dead of winter, so I was pleased to learn John Golob, Winmore’s Chief Marketing Officer, was stopping by to share the details of its recent software release — the transportation industry’s first RFP and bid management application.

“Everyone in the transportation industry knows the pain of RFPs,” Golob explained. “The challenge of compiling data from across your company, late nights, pizza deliveries and unforgiving deadlines.” At TMSA, we couldn’t agree more. “We’ve heard from members how important RFPs are in the buyer’s journey – and it was one topic of discussion at the recent TMSA Digital Transformation Conference last October in Chicago.

Golob said, “This month, we launched the industry’s first RFP and bid management software that helps TMSA members qualify the right RFP’s so they avoid price checks for the competition, accelerate their processes so they can respond faster, and ultimately win more bids.”

When I heard the description of cloud software, I thought of how many of our members have bought CRM software and couldn’t help but ask, “Isn’t this something that should be done in the CRM?”

“If you attend a CRM conference and ask about software to help you acquire customers, you know what they’re going to show you? Marketing Cloud, which is another term for email blasts,” Golob said. He would know. He’s been working in the CRM software market since the 1990s.  “Winmore helps you win more business by getting customers through inbound RFP’s, not outbound emails.”

No doubt, our members are looking to get more value from their CRMs and winning more RFPs is top of mind, too. Yet, some talk about getting pushback from their CFOs who are always looking for a proven, reliable business case before investing in software.

“A strong business case is fundamental, so we are delighted that our customers can respond to 60% more RFPs with our software. Just as important, they’re seeing a double-digit increase in the number of win rates.”

“Winning more is what it’s about,” Golob concluded. “Our company name couldn’t have said it better.”

John Golob, CMO of Winmore, and Brian Everett, CEO of TMSA, recently met to discuss features of the transportation industry’s first RFP and bid management application.


To learn more about the Winmore RFP and Bid Management software, log onto Winmore is a TMSA Affiliate member, and sponsor/exhibitor at the 2019 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference June 9-12 near Jacksonville, Florida.