The Opportunity
MindShare Strategies (MindShare) is a full-service marketing and management firm that specializes in transportation, logistics and supply chain management. MindShare is seeking a video production partner to develop video “shorts” (videos that generally are less than 60-second in length, and communicate key messages in brief text and photos/video – with no voice-overs).
These video shorts are to support three areas of business within the next 6 months (and this is a formal Request for Proposal for these video shorts in these areas:

The Women In Trucking Association (WIT), which has a mission to encourage the employment of women in the transportation industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles they face. WIT hosts its annual Accelerate! Conference & Expo, which takes place Nov. 13-16, 2022 in Dallas.

MindShare publishes a magazine/e-newsletter and deploys/manages social media channels for its client, Food Shippers of America (FSA).

MindShare is launching a new website within the next three months and would like a video short to help communicate our value.

Details for Proposal

The following details provide you the basic needs for this assignment. MindShare will provide native/working files in formats created through Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro for several of these video shorts that just need minor updating:

Women In Trucking Association (WIT):
2022 Accelerate! Conference Sponsor Reel – just update sponsor logos
View 2021 Video

2022 Top Companies Recognition Reel – just update new list of companies
View 2021 Video

2022 Top Women to Watch – just update new list of individuals
View 2021 Video

2022 Top Women-Owned Businesses – just update new list of companies
View 2021 Video

2022 Photo Contest –similar approach as 2021, just update new images
View 2021 Video

2022 Theme-setter for Accelerate! Conference – could use 2021 promo video we currently have but incorporate photos from 2021 conference.
View 2021 Promo Video

2022 Intro/Outro Generic Video for breakouts and pavilion learning sessions (update from existing)

About WIT and its mission (new)

About WITney/Image and mission (new)

Driver Ambassador Sponsorship (new)

WIT Index (new)

Food Shippers of America (FSA):

Food Chain Digest Advertising/Sponsored Content Promotion (Similar approach as we created: video for WIT) – new

MindShare Strategies:

Overall capabilities video (new)

Additional details required to prepare your proposal:

• The first seven videos listed above for WIT that just need simple updates will need to be completed by Nov. 4.
• The remaining videos will be completed in December.
• Budget: $7,000 (any/all related expenses included).
Note: As a non-profit association, competitive pricing is important to us.
• Send proposal to Courtney Bloom at no later than Sept. 23. Proposals should include equipment and software you use, at least three (3) referrals, and a sample portfolio that highlights your video briefs capabilities.

Questions? Contact Courtney Bloom at email address above or at 405-760-8464.