Case Studies - Media Relations

“Making Cross-Docking Expertise Come To Life”

Saddle Creek Corporation is a third-party logistics company that provides integrated warehousing, transportation and contract packaging services. The 3PL had been successful in using cross-docking to move customers’ products more quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively and wanted to grow its business in this area. The company saw an opportunity to learn more about cross-docking practices and trends while sharing its own expertise with the marketplace.

MindShare Strategies, Saddle Creek’s agency of record, helped establish the company as an industry expert by conducting an industry survey, creating a whitepaper based on the survey results and insights from Saddle Creek executives, and marketing the whitepaper to the marketplace through an aggressive media relations campaign. This campaign ultimately landed significant trade media exposure in both print and online outlets. More importantly, the research wasn’t merely “mentioned” in articles, but in several it was highlighted as the primary point of feature articles.

For example, Logistics Management magazine featured the research as a 9-column-inch feature article, which also highlighted a 4-color photo of Saddle Creek’s cross-docking facility in Lakeland, Fla. Outsourced Logistics magazine featured the entire whitepaper findings (worth an equivalent of 165 column inches plus 2 sidebars).

To further measure the success of this research-based media relations initiative, we tracked a significant number of individuals who requested the whitepaper or downloaded it from a company microsite we created. This has led to a significant number of conversations between Saddle Creek’s sales force and qualified prospects.

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