Services - Strategy/Branding

Any successful business or branding strategy requires a smart strategy. Our strategic planning process will result in a marketing roadmap identifying where you currently are (key benchmarks), where you want to go (measurable goals), and how to get there (your marketing plan). MindShare Strategies will walk you through the strategic planning process that will ultimately generate a results-oriented marketing plan:

  1. Purpose. Define the business and/or branding goals, needs, and timing.
  2. Mapping. Identify required resources to execute planning, assemble the team to make it happen, develop a project schedule, conduct internal or external environmental scans, and prepare relevant planning tools (i.e., SWOT analysis, competitive landscape, target market analysis, MindMap, customer profiles).
  3. Delivery. Facilitate planning sessions, document content and details from sessions, report back for feedback, and prepare the business, marketing or branding plan.
  4. Results. Manage and monitor your plans, and measure/track results and ROI.